Insurances for Munich and Bavaria

Icon HanseMerkur Krankenversicherung
Private Health Insurance

Irreplaceable, indispensable. We all know how important good health insurance is, we support you in all situations of life, from birth all the way through your retirement. With the award-winning HanseMerkur health insurance, we’ll  find the best protection for you!

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Icon HanseMerkur Berufsunfähigkeitsversicherung
Occupational disability Insurance

Statistically, one out of four is affected by disability one day and will receive a maximum of 30% of their gross salary from the disability insurance, to make sure that you’re  not alone during this time, we, the HanseMerkur, are at your side.

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Icon HanseMerkur Haftpflichtversicherung
Liability Insurance

Missteps and mishaps happen to everyone at some point, whether by you or someone else. In these cases, we will step in for you and help with the necessary resources.
We also protect you from unauthorized claims by others, by all means necessary.

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Icon HanseMerkur Unfallversicherung
Accident Insurance

About 26,000 accidents happen in Germany every day, of which about 74% happen at home and therefore not covered by the statutory accident insurance. We can find the best protection for you, so that you are completely protected in your at any time.

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Icon HanseMerkur Altersvorsorge
Age Precautions

We’re all getting older. To make sure that you’re all set for your future and can enjoy your golden years, we offer you our expert advice, to show you if a Riester, Rürüp or a classic pension is the best option 

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Icon HanseMerkur Pflegeversicherung
Nursing Insurance

Have you ever wondered what happens when you suddenly can no longer dress yourself or can no longer get to the door without another person? For this purpose, we offer you supplementary care insurance, which closes the gap between real need and benefits from statutory long-term care insurance.

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Icon HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung
Travel Insurance

The most beautiful time of the year… To ensure that it stays this way, we offer you protection from unforeseen setbacks, whether before, during or after the holiday. We are here for you!

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Icon HanseMerkur Lebensversicherung
Life Insurance

Fate strikes can affect all of us … That your loved ones aren’t left alone, it’s a good idea to make safe that you’re insured. For this purpose, we offer you a way to make sure that you’re loved ones don’t have to worry about the financial situation.

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Icon HanseMerkur Hausratversicherung
House & Living

You have fulfilled your dream, have started a family and moved into a house with them, but what if, due to a whim of nature, your house is suddenly no longer habitable. For every risk we have the right insurance!

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Icon HanseMerkur Kfz Versicherung
Car Insurance

“You can’t treat a car like a human being – a car needs love.” – Walter Röhrl

To ensure that your Car is well protected, we provide you with the right protection for your car, whether liability, Kasko or GAP insurance.

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Icon HanseMerkur Rechtsschutzversicherung
Legal Protection

The risk lurks everywhere, whether on the road, work or at Family gatherings, you have a reliable partner in us, with whom you no longer must worry.

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Icon HanseMerkur Betriebliche Zusatzversicherung
Occupational health insurance

So you don’t have to ask yourself “what can I do for my job”, we’ll tell you what your job can do for you. With supplementary company insurance, we offer you tax-supported insurance that gives you the benefits of a private health insurance.

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