Travel Insurance

Whether snow or beach, in the Pacific during a cruise or in Myanmar on a discovery holiday…

One thing should never be missing: your HanseMerkur travel insurance. Whether you only want to protect yourself against health risks abroad or if you want to make sure you can really start your planned trip.

We are your reliable partner, with us you receive multiple award-winning products at a top price-performance ratio!

Travel health insurance

Being sick is never nice, but it is even more unpleasant to be sick abroad.

We can’t protect you from illness, but we can make sure you’re back on your feet as soon as possible to enjoy your rest of your holiday to the fullest! If you are not able to continue your holiday and your suffering cannot be cured abroad, we will of course bring you back home!

You travel with children and don’t know what happens when something happens to you and no other adult can take care of the little ones? We have a solution for this too! If you need to spend more than 5 days in the hospital, we will let someone close to you come to take care of your children.

Do you plan to take a longer holiday, want to work abroad or start studying in another country and want to be well protected in the long term? We have a solution for this too!

Long-term international diseasetreatment (up to 1 year)

Long-term international disease treatment (up to 5 years)

Travel health insurance for a single Trip

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Long-term Travel health insurance (up to 1 year)

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Long-term Travel health insurance (up to 5 years)

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Travel cancellation insurance

You want to be on the safe side and not risk your long-planned holiday falling into the water because you or a fellow traveller becomes sick? Whether in case of illness, job change or pregnancy, we cover the costs of cancellation and rebooking.

In addition, you can book our holiday guarantee, which intervenes if you have to interrupt your holiday unexpectedly.

In case of cancellation during the first half of the holiday (max. within the first 8 days) you will receive a refund of the entire travel price, from the second half (at the latest from the 9th day) we will refund you the unused services.

Let us convince you of our award-winning rates!

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Health insurance for foreign guests

You would like to take a holiday trip to Germany and are still looking for a good all-round protection? Then you’ve come to the right place!

We offer our foreign guests the best possible insurance cover, whether short trip or long-term stay, on request up to 5 years.

Do you come to Germany as an exchange student, au pair, intern, student or doctoral student? Then we have just the right thing for you! With our Young Travel fares, we offer insurance cover tailored to your needs!

A country is not enough for you? Then we offer you the Visa Plus insurance, with which you are secured in all 26 Schengen countries and can concentrate fully on your trip!

Young Travel – For Au Pairs and Students

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Visa Plus Insurance

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Insurance for travel groups

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Travel insurance for foreign guests

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