Private Health Insurance

Private health insurance

The most important insurance in a person’s life, health insurance. Depending on which profession you belong to, you have the choice of being insured by soial or private health insurance. The private health insurance offers you modular additional benefits, which you can choose and opt out yourself. You can decide how much you want to pay.


You are an employee, earn more than 60,750€ a year and don’t want to pay the maximum contribution for basic benefits? We will be happy to advise you and show you how to get better benefits for a lower contribution!

Starting at €82.28 per month (employee share)


Whether you have just set up your own business or are already experienced, there is almost always room for improvement and/or price optimization, which we show you neutrally thanks to our third-party software.

Starting at €164.56 per month


Whether you are a candidate or a civil servant for life, at HanseMerkur you will receive the best product for a small price.

Starting at €34.85 per month

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The most important questions about private health insurance

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Self-employed persons and freelancers have the right to vote in health insurance and can choose between statutory or private health insurance.

You are employed and earned more than 60,750€ last year? Congratulations! Like self-employed persons and freelancers, you have a free choice between legal or private.

If civil servants want to insure themselves privately, you can already do so as a candidate and benefit from particularly favorable contributions.

In addition, students can switch from legal to private insurance at the beginning of the first semester, but no later than 3 months after the start of their studies, and benefit from the best possible services!

Private health insurance is particularly worthwhile for healthy people under the age of 50, as the contribution is as favourable as possible and arrangements can be made for old age (e.g. reduction in contributions or reduction of the deductible from 65).

There are many aspects to be considered here and which we cannot explain all of them here. Among other things, the income of the insured person and the income and type of insurance of the spouse play a role, whether the children can/must change to private health insurance at all.

In principle, however, it can be said that the system differs from that of the statutory health insurance, since the children are not automatically insured without an additional contribution.

Supplementary health insurance

Are you social insured but would like to protect yourself against financial and health risks? For this, we offer you individual products, that are perfectly tailored to you, whether you are interested in alternative medicine or prefer to have a single room in the hospital. Our products are as individual as life itself.

Supplementary dental insurance

Thanks to our award-winning dental supplement tariffs, we are your reliable partner and help you in every situation!
With our dental supplement insurance, you have the choice whether you want to cover 30, 50, 90 or 100% of the costs.

Already for 6.58 € per month

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Support in hospital

Nobody likes to be in the hospital, so that your stay there is as pleasant and relaxed as possible, we offer you in case of accidents, serious illnesses or in any case a treatment as a private patient.

Starting at €9.00 per month

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Support at the doctor’s office

You are wearing glasses and your social health insurance leaves you standing in the rain? You would like to listen to the opinion of the alternative medicine but do not want to pay for it with your own money? We have the right supplementary rate for all needs, with which you and your family, even as social insured, are well secured!

from 8.80€ per month

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