Liability Insurance

So that a misstep does not become a debt trap: HanseMerkur liability insurances.

Life presents many risks, so that you can withstand these dangers, we offer you the right insurance.

Liability insurance

Whether at home, at work or during your holiday.

Dog owner liability

For the best friend of man, the best protection.

Private liability insurance is one of the most important insurance policies in Germany, in addition to health and pension insurance. Mishaps can happen to anyone, whether at work, on excursions or in everyday life.


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Liability insurance

Small Posts – Great Security

It happens fast, and the damage is great; In this case it is good to have a reliable insurer by its side. However, liability insurance is not only there to pay damages, but also to fend off unjustified claims.

Highlights of the HanseMerkur include the already integrated protection for hobby drone pilots and protection in case of favoritism (e.g. removals).

from €40.44 per year

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Dog owner liability

When the fun is suddenly over…

People do a lot for their favorite four-legged friend; Feeding, going for a walk and the regular petting unit. That’s why we also offer the best protection for the best friend of man, no matter which race and without linen and muzzle obligation.

Starting at €51.81 per year

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