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The HanseMerkur insurances around house and apartment

Protecting the beautiful in life, that’s what we want to do for you! That’s why we offer you extensive possibilities, which protect you in all cases.

Household insurance

The security for their belongings.

Building liability

Protect your house from storms and hail!

Glass insurance

Well insured from the basement window to the glass facade.

Household insurance

In the event of burglary, fire and water damage, damage amounts to several thousand euros is quickly incurred. So that you do not have to resort to your savings, we offer you a way to secure your household contents.
Not only smartphones, TVs or cash are expensive risks, furniture and other furnishings can also become very expensive when buying new ones.
We not only ensure the time value; in case of damage we ensure that you can restore your apartment or house to its original condition.

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HanseMerkur Hausratversicherung
HanseMerkur Gebäudeversicherung

Building liability

To protect your four walls from the effects of storms, hail and fire, we offer you the best protection.

In 2017, €5,208 million was paid by insurance companies to policyholders, an increase of 10.2% on the previous year.

You just have to ask yourself whether you want to bear the costs of rebuilding your house all yourself or if you want to secure yourself in this case.

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Glass insurance

Even if the long-held opinion is that shards bring happiness, we disagree.
That’s why we offer you a cheap flat-rate insurance, which is calculated purely on the basis of the living space.
The glass insurance is suitable for all those who have no or too little cover integrated into your household insurance.

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HanseMerkur Glasversicherung